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National Results Over the Years

2018 NSDA Nationals

The 2018 National Tournament was in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  The following students and coaches were honored at this national tournament:

School Award:  Congratulations to Riverside High School for being named a “School of Outstanding Distinction” for the team’s performance at the National Speech and Debate Tournament. The award is the highest honor that a school can earn at the national tournament and requires competitive excellence in both speech and debate events. 

Main Events: 

  • Dramatic Interpretation - 7th Place - Chase Garrett of Southside HS 
  • International Extemporaneous Speaking - 11th Place - Julia Murray of Riverside HS
  • Dramatic Interpretation - Quarter Finalist - Phiilp Martin of Riverside HS
  • Duo Interpretation - Quarter Finalists - Kobe Watts and Bryce Watts of Southside HS
  • Program Oral Interpretation - Quarter Finalist - Sooruj Bhatia of Riverside HS
  • Informative Speaking - Quarter Finalist - Ian Chiu of Riverside HS
  • Informative Speaking - Octa Finalist - Colleen Phan of Bob Jones Academy
  • Original Oratory - Quarter Finalist - Mit Patel of Riverside HS
  • US Extemporaneous Speaking - Quarterfinalis - Michael Gallagher of Riverside HS.  
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate - first break with 8-4 records - Charlotte Capers Snoad of Mauldin HS and Evan Case of Bob Jones Academy.  Charlotte Capers Snoad advanced one more time with a 2-2 record after Round 10.
  • Public Forum Debate - Riverside's Jaimie McKeel and Matthew Yoon advanced to Round 10, and Abby Hickey and Pratamesh Ramasubramanian advanced to Round 8 
  • World Schools Debate - Janine D’Souza of Riverside, Rohit Yarlagadda of Riverside, Hampton Bryant of Greenville Tech Charter, Lauren Hancock of Bob Jones Academy, and Julia Hancock of Bob Jones Academy advanced to the triple octafinal round 
  • Congress - Ivana Ramirez or Riverside Semi Finalist in the Senate. 

Supplemental Events: 

  • Storytelling - Semifinalist - Sooruj Bhatia of Riverside 

Four Time National Qualifiers 

  • Chase Garrett of Southside
  • Sooruj Bhatia of Riverside


  • Third Coaching Diamond - Greg Cook of Riverside
  • Ninth Distinguished Service Award - Chuck Nicholas of Bob Jones Academy
  • Eleventh Distinguished Service Award - Gail Nicholas of Bob Jones Academy
  • District Chair Gold Award (second recognition) - Gail Nicholas of Bob Jones Academy 

2017 NSDA Nationals

The 2017 National Tournament was in Birmingham, AL.  The highlight for SC was a National Champion in Dramatic Interpretation!!  Congratulations to Chase Garrett of Southside for this amazing accomplishment!

2014 NFL Nationals

The 2014 National Tournament was held in Overland Park, KS.  The following South Carolina Students and coaches were honored during the event. 

 Main Events:   

  • Duo Interpretation: Branden Lindsay & Jarret Williams (Southside) - 4th place overall and Bama Bowl Recipients- Winner final round
  • US Extemp.: Nida Ansari (Riverside) - 12th place
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate: James Hintson (Wren) - tied for 11th place
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate:  Elliott Kelley (Bob Jones Academy) – tied for 20th place
  • Congress Senate: Lorenzo Barberis Canonico (Riverside) - 16th place in final chamber 
  • Congress House: Kerry Yan (Riverside) - 18th place in final chamber and voted best Presiding Officer 
  • Congress House: Abrianna Means (Southside) – 19th place in final Chamber 
  • Duo Interpretation: Stephanie Hong & Carol Lee (Riverside) - Octafinals (Top 60) 
  • Dramatic Interp: Chantel Brown (Riverside) - Octafinals (Top 60) 
  • Humorous Interp: Spenser Bryant (Riverside) - Octafinals (Top 60) 
  • Original Oratory Alexander Koo (Riverside) - Octafinals (Top 60)
  • Original Oratory  Anjali Patel (Southside), Octafinalist (Top 60) 
  • Public Forum Debate - Ankit Bilgi and Dustin Cai (Southside), Octafinalists (top 70)  

Supplemental Events:

  • Expository Speaking: Carol Lee (Riverside) - 6th place
  • Expository Speaking: Stephanie Hong (Riverside) - Semifinals 
  • Expository Speaking: Matthew Harrington (Riverside) – Semifinals 
  • Poetry: Spenser Bryant (Riverside) - Semifinals 
  • Extemp Commentary: Mary Carol Butterfield (Riverside) - Semifinals
  • Lorenzo Barberis Canonico (Riverside) & Nida Ansari (Riverside) – Four-time national qualifier awards
  • Southside HS - School of Honor in Speech 
  • Riverside HS - School of Excellence in Speech
  • Riverside HS - currently in 4th place for the Karl E. Mundt Trophy (Congress) 
  •  First Coaching Diamond – Jeff Schmauch (Riverside)
  •  Fifth Coaching Diamond – Chuck Nicholas (Bob Jones Academy)
  •  Distinguished Service Award (9-time recipient) – Gail Nicholas (Bob Jones Academy) 

2013 NFL Nationals 

 The 2013 National Tournament was held in Birmingham, AL. The following South Carolina students and coaches were honored during the event.

  • 4th place in Public Forum Debate -                      of Academic Magnet HS
  • Semi Finalist in United States Extemp - Nida Ansari of Riverside HS
  • Semi Finalists in Duo Interp - Jalen Gray and Brandon Lindsey of Southside HS
  • 6th in Expository Speaking - Mary Carol Butterfield of Riverside HS
  • 10 rounds in Lincoln-Douglas Debate - Jamie Hintson of Wren HS
  • 9 rounds in Lincoln-Douglas Debate - Marina Shew of Bob Jones Academy

2012 NFL Nationals 

The 2012 National Tournament was held in Indianapolis, Ind. The following South Carolina students and coaches were honored during the event. More results coming soon.

  • Divya Khandke -14th in Humorous Interpretation, Semifinalist (Riverside)
  • Lorenzo Barberis Canonico - 21st in Senate, Finalist (Riverside)
  • Nida Ansari - International Extemporaneous Speaking, Octafinalist (Riverside)
  • Stephanie Hong - Original Oratory, Octafinalist (Riverside)
  • Stephanie Hong - Expository, Top 25 (Riverside)
  • Charlotte How - Expository, Top 25 (Riverside)
  • Nida Ansari - Expository, Top 25 (Riverside)
  • Margaret Stegall - Extemporaneous Debate (SPAR) - Top 50 (Bob Jones Academy)

2011 NFL Nationals

South Carolina competitors have had much success. The 2011 Nationals Tournament was held in Dallas, Texas. The following South Carolina students and coaches were honored during the event.

 Student awards 

  • Congress Semi Finalists (Top 60): Lorenzo Canonico (Riverside) and Aaron Gawrych (Mauldin)
  • International Extemp Octofinalist (Top 60): Paavin Gami (Southside)
  • Poetry – Top 30 / 6 rounds: Ben Nicholas BJA (Bob Jones Academy)
  • Poetry – Top 30 / 6 rounds:  Francine Taminko  (Southside)
  • Prose – Top 30 / 6 rounds:  Brian Chou (Riverside)
  • Expository – Top 30 / 6 rounds:  Brian Chou (Riverside)
  • Prose – Top 60 / 5 rounds:  Ben Nicholas (Bob Jones Academy) and Logan Coffey (Hillcrest)
  • Student of the Year Finalist: Paavin Gami of Southside 

Coach awards

  • First Diamond: Erickson Bynum (Southside) and Chester Palmer (Barnwell)
  • Third Diamond: Bill Evans (Hillcrest)
  • Fourth Diamond: Gail Nicholas (Bob Jones Academy)
  • Fifth Diamond: Ruth McAllister (Riverside)
  • Sixth Distinguished Service Plaques: Chuck Nicholas (Bob Jones Academy) and Gail Nicholas (Bob Jones Academy)
  • 2011 Ralph E. Cary Award for Distinguished Career Service: Gail Nicholas (Bob Jones Academy) 



 2010 NFL Nationals

The 2010 Nationals Tournament was held in Kansas City, Mo. The following South Carolina students and coaches were honored during the event.

Riverside High School, Greer

  • Charlene Hong: Octa finalist in Oratory
  • Charlene Hong: 5 rounds Poetry (Top 75)
  • Amy Li: Semi finalist in Congress
  • Amy Li: Presiding Officer twice in Congress prelims

Mauldin High School, Mauldin

  • Dennis Kerwin: Finalist in Congress

Bob Jones Academy, Greenville

  • Valerie Myers: Presiding Officer in Congress prelims
  • Valerie Myers and Micah Sherer: 5 rounds of Parliamentary Debate
  • Emma Galloway: 5 rounds in Poetry (top 75)
  • Coach, Gail Nicholas: Gold District Chair Award and Fifth Distinguished Service Award

Southside High School, Greenville

  • Andre Sullivan: Octa finalist in Humorous Interp
  • Blair Brewer: 12 Rounds in PFD
  • Ryan Karrer: 8 Rounds in PFD
  • David Wu: 6 Rounds in Parliamentary Debate


2009 NFL Nationals 

The 2009 Nationals Tournament was held in Birmingham, Ala. South Carolina had 24 students represent the state at the tournament and saw great success. Southside High School won a School of Excellence trophy in Debate. The following students were honored. 

Student awards 

  • Ricky Pulley of Southside (2009 SC NFL Student of the Year) was asked to speak at a Wednesday evening banquet honoring the NFL Communicator of the Year.
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate: Jon Ludwig of Bob Jones Academy placed in the Top 50 in the nation after 9 rounds of competition.
  • Public Forum Debate: Jared Marr and  Blair Brewer (Southside) placed in the Top 25 in the nation after 12 rounds of competition. Ryan Karrer and Paavan Gami (Southside) completed 8 rounds.
  • Original Oratory: Michelle Chapman (Riverside) reached Quarterfinals. Gary Fan (Southside) made the first break and the top 60.
  • Duo Interpretation: Rachel Boone and Eeshwar Chandrasekar (Mauldin) made the first break and the top 60.
  • Dramatic Interpretation: Ben Leder (Riverside) made the first break and the top 60.
  • Congress: Dennis Kerwin (Mauldin) made it to Semi Finals in the Senate. Amy Li (Riverside) presided in her House chamber in prelims.
  • Impromptu Speaking: Stephen Lovegrove (Bob Jones Academy) made it to Quarterfinals and the top 40 (out of more than 500 contestants).
  • Expository: Charlene Hong (Riverside) made it to Semi Finals.



2008 NFL Nationals 

The 2008 Nationals Tournament was held in Las Vegas, Nev. The following South Carolina students and coaches were honored during the event.

  •  Senate Semi Finals: Neel Mehta (Mauldin)
  • Humorous Interpretation Top 60: Monica Bracey (Greer)
  • International Extemporaneous Speaking Top 60: Rohan Shilotri (Southside)
  • Prose Semi Finals: Cornesia Jefferson (Southside)
  • Poetry Semi Finals: Tyshaun Spencer (Southside)
  • Impromptu Semi Finals: David Lane (Riverside)  

2007 NFL Nationals

The 2007 Nationals Tournament was held in Wichita, KS. The following South Carolina students and coaches were honored during the event. 

  • Fifth place in Expository: Lindsay Morgan (Bob Jones Academy)
  • Semi Finals Congress: Neha Parthasarathy (Southside)
  • Semi Finals Impromptu Speaking: Drew Everson (Mauldin)
  • First break – International Extemp: Drew Everson (Mauldin) 

2006 NFL Nationals

The 2006 Nationals Tournament was held in Dallas, TX. The following South Carolina students and coaches were honored during the event.

  • Fifth place – Storytelling: Sara Ingle (Riverside)
  • Sixth place – Impromptu: Drew Everson (Mauldin)
  • Sixth place – Expository - Victoria Alvarez - (Riverside)
  • Foreign Extemp – Quarterfinals: Drew Everson (Mauldin)
  • Quarters – Prose: Stephyn Duck (Mauldin)
  • Quarters – Storytelling: Jessie Haggerty (Mauldin)
  • Senate Finalist: Niti Parthasarathy (Governor's School)
  • House Finalist: Shivam Desai (Riverside)

2005 NFL Nationals

The 2005 Nationals Tournament was held in Philadelphia, PA. The following South Carolina students and coaches were honored during the event.

  • Congress Semi-Finalist: Shivam Desai (Riverside)
  • Josh Innerst, Fifth Place Storytelling (Bob Jones Academy)

2004 NFL Nationals 

The 2004 Nationals Tournament was held in Salt Lake City, UT. The following South Carolina students and coaches were honored during the event. 

  • Senate Semi-Finalist: Niti Parthasarathy (Southside)
  • Senate Finalist: Allen Klump (Hillcrest)
  • House International Congress: Ion Cotsapas (Irmo)
  • House Semi Finalist: Stephanie Hoo (Southside)
  • US Extemp Top 60 (octa finalist): John Rupp (Riverside) 
  • International Extemp Top 60 (octa finalists): Matt Miller (Bob Jones Academy);  Peter Zolides (Riverside)
  • Duo Interp Top 60 (octa finalists): Susan Edwards and Dimitrios Basilakos (Riverside)
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate Top 60: Kathryn Miller (Southside)
  • Public Forum Debate Quarterfinalists – Eighth Place in the nation: Ashleigh Millard and Victor Fernandez (Bob Jones Academy)
  • Extemp Commentary Semi-Finalist (out of 340): Matt Miller (Bob Jones Academy)
  • Quarterfinalist Storytelling: Shiloh Hudson (Bob Jones Academy)
  • Second Place Storytelling: Nathan Robinson (Bob Jones Academy)
  • First Place Storytelling – National Champion: Ben Adams (Bob Jones Academy)
  • National Champion Coaches: Chuck and Gail Nicholas




2003 NFL Nationals

The 2003 Nationals Tournament was held in Atlanta, GA. The following South Carolina students and coaches were honored during the event. 


  • First Place, Extemp Commentary National Champion: Joseph Poore (Bob Jones Academy) 
  • Best Presiding Officer of Senate: Peter Sima (Mauldin)
  • Fifth Place, Extemp Commentary: Paul Matzko (Bob Jones Academy)
  • 12th Place Ted Turner Debate (PFD): Miriam Clark and Chris Schoen (Riverside)
  • Quarterfinalist Humorous Interp: Irfan Rhemtulla (Riverside)
  • Octa Finalist, International Extemp: Matt Miller (Bob Jones Academy)